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Aries Today’s Horoscope ARIES Daily Horoscope 12/11/2013 The Moon continues its way through the constellation of Pisces, so you will be more cautious and less impulsive act than they used to. The lunation is produced in the most problematic of the horoscope and your energy can be seen confined to processes of reflection and doubt. Yet you will not let go if you have the opportunity to implement some business, but you will, from the subtle and very strategy. Similarly it can happen in the field of romantic relationships, and it will cost you openly express.


Taurus Today’s Horoscope Daily Horoscope Taurus 11.12.2013 The Moon is transiting the sector corresponding to the friends and projects, making it easier for you to implement your initiatives, as have the help of people close to you. Furthermore, your affectionate and sociable character you can easily win the sympathy and trust of others. Overall, the day will be suitable for you to show your qualities and you can have your way, but do not let your pragmatism makes you act too materialistic. Anyway, the lunation in Pisces you inclined to share your ideas and projects with others.


Gemini Today’s Horoscope Daily Horoscope GEMINI 11/12/2013 The Moon continues its passage through the sector corresponding to the profession, and social mobility, promoting the projection of a positive image in the workplace. Also you will be more popular and can attract the interest of influential people who will appreciate your qualities. The activities that allow you to move and interact with different people will be the most profitable for you, so you will be more conducive everything about books, writing and the means of communication or transportation. In any case, prefer to develop an activity that you like, rather than accept a well paying job but boring.


Cancer Today’s Horoscope CANCER Daily Horoscope 12/11/2013 The Moon continues its passage through the sign of Pisces, stimulating deep and important aspects of life, as it is located in the most philosophical of the horoscope. For a cancer like you, this means more interest about your family ancestors and household issues or family heritage. Demostrarás also interest on issues related to cultural anthropology, the same way that psychology may be the ideal instrument to develop your emotional empathy and protective towards other people.


Leo Today’s Horoscope LEO Daily Horoscope 11/12/2013 The Moon transiting the constellation of Pisces, puts emphasis on those issues that promote personal change and transformation of things. The feelings are to the surface and are conducive to stronger relationships and passionate, especially if you give priority to the satisfaction of your desires without regard to others. The lunation in Pisces gives greater creative imagination and also a greater capacity to open up to new ideas and transform your way of thinking, especially when it comes to issues and activities that lend some sort of social service or charitable.


Virgo Today’s Horoscope VIRGO Daily Horoscope 12/11/2013 The Moon continues moving through the sector corresponding to the joints and in the sign of Pisces, which will add more sensitivity and emotional intelligence to relationships more intimate and personal. The lunation in Pisces can make you more vulnerable to feelings and create one idealized image of your partner, although dealing with a Virgo like you, will not act without some prior planning. If it’s a company you put up, you have to be confident that the commitment is mutual and that the relationship is based on solid foundations.


Libra Today’s Horoscope LIBRA Daily Horoscope 12/11/2013 The Moon continues its transit through the area on and work obligations, which will have to use your skills mediators to appease the workplace. In any case, you can easily collaborate with your colleagues and find solutions to the problems that arise. Although Pisces lunation may be more vulnerable to the needs of others and in one way or another, end up by tending much of your time, because as you’re good Libra, you prefer to preserve the harmony reigning though your biorhythms collapse.


Scorpio Today’s Horoscope SCORPIO Daily Horoscope 11/12/2013 With the Moon transiting the constellation of Pisces, a Scorpio feels like you willing to live and enjoy the things in an open and creative. The love and beauty will be implicit in the way you behave and form a substantial part of the affairs and activities you perform, even if it costs you prove covertly or soften the expression of your emotions. Especially in intimate relationships or sentimental type, as your feelings are alive and want to share them imperiously, but perhaps do so possessive.


Sagittarius Today’s Horoscope SAGITTARIUS Daily Horoscope 12/11/2013 The Moon transiting the sector for the home and family, not the most conducive to the independent character of a browser and Sagittarius like you, hardly find in domestic instruments for your accomplishment. On the other hand, the lunation as occurs in Pisces can help with yours distancing is not a deep or if you have to get involved in family matters, prevailing sentiments and interests above personal. If you’re lucky, the obligations arising from home can catch you.


Capricorn Today’s Horoscope CAPRICORN Daily Horoscope 11/12/2013 The Moon continues its transit through the constellation Pisces and occupying the sector on communication and studies, which for a Capricorn like you will be a stimulus to expand your skills and qualifications. Surely, both studies and learning to do on any subject or topic that is, you must have a practical purpose and as a means to achieve your goals. Because of your great memory and ability to organize anything, you’ll be a good transmitter of information or knowledge gained.


Aquarius Today’s Horoscope Daily Horoscope Aquarius 12.11.2013 The basis for the growth of any economy is that resources and goods circulate and continue to grow, but with the Moon moving through the area of ??your personal belongings, as well Aquarium that you feel inclined to think that the sky will provide or not had nothing to do with you. Lunation occurring in charitable Pisces, you’re more interested in getting resources to implement charitable activities, than seeking your own safety or welfare. Also the arts, such as music or drama may be a source to do to increase your income.


Pisces Today’s Horoscope PISCES Daily Horoscope 11/12/2013 The Moon continues its passage through your own sign and your role even in spite of yourself, because one way or another will exercise some attraction on the other, which can convince your ideas. The lunation of today I will be more aware of yourself and the image you convey to others, being able to put your personal interests to serve the needs of others and vice versa. On the other hand, if you take advantage of your emotional intelligence and creative potential that you can express your artistic talents.

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